Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine

Aims and concepts

The competence center sleep medicine (Charité, Campus Benjamin Franklin, CC15) was founded in 1992 and accredited in 1994 by the German Society of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM). The sleep laboratory has two polysomnographic units. However, for research purposes, the capacity of the lab can be extended to four units. Our laboratory regularly participates in management assurance procedures.

We offer both outpatient and inpatient diagnostic services for patients with a sleep disturbance, in accordance with the DGSM Guidelines (Guideline "S3"). However, we specialize in diagnosing and treating sleep disturbances of psychiatric or neurological origin. We naturally work closely in cooperation with general practitioners / familiy physicians. Our treatment options include a specialized, CBT(Cognitive behavioural therapy)-based Insomnia-therapy.

For more details concerning sleep medicine (diagnostics and therapy) see the Sleep Medicine page of this Web site.

Head of the sleep laboratory: Prof. Heidi Danker-Hopfe, PhD

Medical head

Scientific Research Staff

Hans Dorn, PhD | Engineer
Cornelia Sauter, PhD | Psychologist


Competence Center of Sleep Medicine (CC15)
Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Campus Benjamin Franklin
Hindenburgdamm 30
12200 Berlin

t: +49 30 450 517 577 
f: +49 30 450 517 941